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2017 Pop Warner Rule Book Page 33


Although the game is serious to the kids, from the adult viewpoint, Mitey-Mite is strictly a training division, completely free of any pressure to win, with a total emphasis on learning.

Starting in 2017 a local Champion may be declared. Coaches may remain on the field at the option of the League.

 A maximum of one (1) coach per team is permitted on the field except during punts.

A. There shall be: 

1.) No blitzing 

2.) No rushing of punts, field goals or point after touchdown (while attempting a kick) in Mitey-Mite/Tiny Mite play.

3.) No more than six (6) defensive players can be on the line of scrimmage or rush the ball.

4.) Defensive players on the line of scrimmage must be in either a three or four point stance and may not line up over center.  Penalty for violation of the above: First violation:

Warning: Additional violations:15 yards unsportsmanlike conduct.