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Adobe PDF file 2017 Absentee Form PWLS INC 1 (1).pdf *

Microsoft Excel file 2017 All American Application

Microsoft Excel file 2017 Attendance Report.xlsx

Microsoft Excel file 2017 Check Sheet.xls

Microsoft Word file 2017 Cheer Coaches Card.docx

Adobe PDF file 2017 Cheer Poster *

Microsoft Word file 2017 CJPW Little Scholars Pamphlet

Microsoft Word file 2017 CJPW Waiver Form.docx

Adobe PDF file 2017 Date Checker *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Event Request Form (1).pdf *

Microsoft Word file 2017 Football Coaches Card.docx

Adobe PDF file 2017 Football Poster *

Microsoft Excel file 2017 Grade Point Avg Calculation

Adobe PDF file 2017 Grading Conversion Chart.pdf *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Home School Form.pdf *

Microsoft Excel file 2017 Night Game Form.xlsx

Microsoft Word file 2017 Paperwork Procedures.docx

Adobe PDF file 2017 Parent Behavior Memo.pdf *

Microsoft Word file 2017 Participant Card

Adobe PDF file 2017 Participant Contract *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Patch Order Form.pdf *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Patch Placement *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Physical Form *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Scholastic Eligibility Form.pdf *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Scholastic Rules.pdf *

Adobe PDF file 2017 Standard Physical Form PWLS.pdf *

Adobe PDF file Association Background Check *

Adobe PDF file Coach's Risk Mgt - 2016.pdf *

Microsoft Word file Eastern Region Host Field Information.docx

Microsoft Word file FB Coaches Card.docx

Adobe PDF file Healthy Kids-flyer (1).pdf *

Microsoft Excel file MPR Sheet

Pay for Refs 2017- Pay for Refs 2017 MM / JrPW / PW / Jr Varsity / Varsity - 3 refs - $60.00 each per game Clock - $50.00 all competitive levels per game

Adobe PDF file Pop Warner Patch Placement.pdf *

Microsoft Word file Referee Evaluation.doc

Adobe PDF file Region Waiver Form *

Adobe PDF file Risk Management *

Microsoft Excel file Volunteer Application ( Background Check)- This application is to used by all coaches to agree to have a background check performed. Background checks are due before coaches come in contact with participants

Adobe PDF file Waiver Rule *

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.